I’m working hard these days putting the finishing touches on my presentation for this years JavaZone conference. It is a privilege to be able to talk there and I thank the organizer for giving me a full hour on the topic. I will be talking on the subject of deployment pipelines using Jenkins CI as the tool, and going through a lot of techniques and scenarios for evolving a pipeline to match your context. And reasons for creating a pipeline in the first place. I gave a lightning talk at the Roots conference in May on the same topic, but there was a lot more to be said than fitted in ten minutes. Hope to see a lot of people there!<div>
</div><div>And on the subject of continuous delivery: I wrote two blog posts on CD and deployment pipelines a while ago and promised a third one. The third one is coming, but I won’t make any promises as to when. I am starting a new job September 1st, at APressen Digitale Medier and I am guessing things will be hectic. Mountain biking season is soon ending and I guess I’ll get some more time when winter hits. I’ll also be spending the winter doing some more ruby stuff and doing HTML5 and other front end work on the munin project and the upcoming 2.0 release.</div>

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30 August 2011