Firstly, I apologize for resetting the RSS feed for my blog, but that was I am afraid, unavoidable :-)

I got really tired of (not) upgrading my Movable Type installation up to the point where it was becoming a blatant security risk, more or less. So, after working a lot with git lately, both at work migrating every project from Subversion over to git, and privately, I decided to switch the whole blog over to git and github. I am now using Jekyll and more precisely Jekyll Bootstrap which is a layer built on top of Jekyll, with some themes using Twitter Bootstrap for the design stuff. A small rakefile is used for deploying the generated site to my web hosting provider.

Jekyll is very easy to work with and generally I am pretty happy with it. The Hooligan theme is a bit heavy on the effects and I might tone it down when I get round to it. There are at present no comments on the blog, and I am quite frankly unsure if I need them. Perhaps some social media sharing buttons will work just as well. Anyhow, jekyll bootstrap has among others Disqus support built in, so I might take that for a spin later.

Lastly, now that mountain biking season is very much near the end, I might even find time to write a few more blog posts too. Updates has been slow over the summer. I have some interesting projects going on at work now, and there might be a blog post or three later this fall. Topics will be git, continuous delivery and perhaps some NoSQL/architecture stuff. We’ll see.

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26 September 2012